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14.Jul.14 2 weeks ago

Auckland on Instax

I’ve recently arrived in Auckland, New Zealand to embark on a 6month tour whilst carrying out my Caught on the Hop project [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/niccipeet/caught-on-the-hop]. I’ve brought my Pentax K1000 to complete the project on along with a Canon G12. However, I’ve felt as though I can’t use the K1000 for anything other than the project. I think I’ve mentally separated it specifically for that project and I’ve felt uninspired shooting on digital. So, I impulse bought an Instax Mini. I say impulse but I considered it for a good 2 days. One of the reasons why I love film (any kind of film) is because it forces me to really consider each shot. With instant film I feel this even more intensely than on 35mm.

10.Jul.14 2 weeks ago